Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Look At the Other Side

In light of Bad4's debate about fake vs. real hair, I decided to post this earlier than I had planned.  

This is going to sound bizarre, but let me tell the whole story before I am judged. 

To begin, I am not seeing anyone at the moment, nor am I desperate. 

Disclaimer said, I shall commence: 

My mother a while back bought a Freeda precut, and under the high recommendations of a few people, went to someone who shall remain nameless to get it styled. The woman has very sharp eye, except she cut the wig too short in the back, to the point my mother does not feel comfortable in it. That can't grow back. $500, plus $350 in a cut, down the drain. 

I happened to love the sheitel on my mother, but she is adamant about lack of security while wearing it. So one Shabbos afternoon, after my father had gone to mincha, I took the wig out and started messing around (it was a very long afternoon). 

First I took some large hair clips, and messily clamped clumps of hair to my scalp. Then, I pulled on a wig cap that I had bought for my sister (this one is very good because it doesn't dig into the scalp; I had purchased another one that was made of unrelenting fabric that ripped during the first use). Then, I negotiated my way into the sheitel.

And it looked fabulous on. Of course, it needed some more pruning, but I made a few discoveries. 

1 - Freedas are really light and comfortable. My sister (married 15 years) will concur they are the only way to go.

2 - Wig caps rock. They hold every strand in, so no worries about stray hairs making a run for freedom. 

3 - It is possible to keep hair long and still wear a short bob of a wig. I happen to love bobs. My hair is thick and somewhat long, yet I was able to tuck it into a wig without much fuss.
No, that's not me. Merely illustrating a bob wig, available on

I threw my head around a bit to make sure it was securely on. It wasn't budging. 

I repeat, I am NOT desperate!  


Sefardi Gal said...

If you were desperate, you would be trying on your mother's wig every Shabbat for the past x amount of years.

Princess Lea said...

She's happy that it won't be going to waste.

And yet I am frantically defending myself.