Friday, September 23, 2011

Resume or Reality

"You must be taller then 5'10"," he protested. "I'm 5'10"!"

I looked down at my furious date and sighed. This is problem I've encountered more than once.
Mick Jagger (5'10") with partner L'Wren Scott (6'2")
Whenever I'm told a man's height, I automatically recalculate their numbers.

For instance: a guy claims to be 5'11". Here's the thing: anyone who is 5'11" will just round up to an even 6'. So if a fella is saying he's 5'11", then he is actually shorter. Maybe 5'8", max.

I can understand the desire to stretch a reality while in the dating world. But one can't actually believe that fantasy.

It's like weight-gaining. "I didn't gain much over Pesach." Really? Get on the scale and let's see. "Oh." Uh-huh.

The human mind has an amazing ability to delude itself. But, sweetie, just because you say you are 5'10" doesn't mean you are.


Mark said...

If height is so important to everyone, you should bring a measuring tape with you on the date :-)

Or maybe the deluding is important.

Signed, a short guy

Yedid Nefesh said...

Is height that important to you? you've mentionned in the past that you were tall and i know its important to some that the guy isnt shorter, is it to you?

Princess Lea said...

I'm not sure if you've grasped my point here.

Did I say that I start screaming on a date? No. I said the date starts screaming at ME.

I, frankly, do not care about height (Heck, what was the point of Mick and L'Wren, then?). Seriously. But I can safely state that many of my dates are torpedoed by guys who are furious that I am taller or the same height as them.

SiBaW said...

In the scheme of things height, as well as age for that matter, doesn’t really matter. I think it is so strange how societal norms have made these “issues” into such a big deal.

Aha, so in that case, do you write your real height on your resume?

Princess Lea said...

But of course. She who is not honest cannot throw stones.

short and proud said...

I am a guy 5'6-3/4" ( I won't even take the quarter inch) and I always get a kick out of friends who look me in the chin and tell me they're 5'8"

Princess Lea said...

Thank you, Proud. See, Proud knows what I'm talking about.

umcheckplease said...

This is actually the story of my life. IM SURROUNDED BY MIDGETS!!!!!!! Its really not a joke! Even the people who set me up are in on this. They know I won't date a guy who is shorter than me, so they lie and tell me they are taller than they actually are. Then when the guy shows up and I am TOWERING over him awkwardly, I want to die inside.

What are us vertically enhanced singles to do in a world of shorties? :(

Princess Lea said...

I never understood why the middlemen/women/people lie about my height.

"This guy is great, but he's 5'8, no worries, I told him you were 5'8 too."

"You WHAT?"

Here's the deal: Height is not something I can fudge or omit, like my tendency to collect action figures. It's kinda obvious.

If a shadchan is going to lie, at least lie vaguely - "Her height . . . I'm not sure . . . did I mention she fights an oppressive empire in her spare time?"