Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rigorous Regimen

Some people take my skincare regimen personally. 

"How much time do you spend a night on your face?" she asks, with a barely concealed sneer.  

"With or without steaming?" 

She snorts, rolling her eyes at the crazy person. 

This NY Times article merely affirms that I am simply un-American in mindset.  

In other countries women go above and beyond; they would probably consider my methods to be mediocre. 

Asian women apply product after product after product, then top it all off with SPF, which, according to an interviewed dermatologist, is a MUST. I sincerely hope my readership applies SPF every morning. Men, feel free to do so as well.  

Clinique, the article says, invented the concept of three-step face care way back when, and only until recently was that challenged. When I get complimented on my skin, I usually reply, "It doesn't just happen. I work on it."  (Although it's been giving me a hard time lately).
“People always talk about achieving this effortless, natural look with amazing skin,” said Mr. Demsey of Estée Lauder. “The truth is, it takes a lot of steps to look flawless.”


Anonymous said...

What you're experiencing is people basically saying "Don't you have anything better to do with your time?" and the genuine answer to that-- as unpopular as it might be-- is "No, there isn't something better to be doing with my time than making an investment in my skins long term health"

I married "late" but my wedding pictures show skin as perfect as a 20 year old's...because when I *was* a 20 year old I was busy moisturizing, drinking tons of water, and staying strictly out of the sun. When the eye rollers need expensive (and time consuming) surgury to correct things that could have been avoided with a genuine investment of time, I will try very hard not to ask them if *they* don't have anything better to do with their time/money.

Princess Lea said...

I am not alone!

I have great-aunts who were sun worshippers; their faces now look like road maps. I'm not going to be in my 20's forever, and taking care now really pays off later on.