Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Must Read


Daniel Saunders said...

I don't know about what's happening in the States, but here we've had an upsurge of antisemitism since Jeremy Corbyn took over the Labour Party and the one silver lining is that suddenly a lot of people who had very little connection to Judaism are finding their place in the tribe. In some cases it's just a willingness to identify publicly with Israel and Jews, but a few are taking on some religious observances. There was an article in the Jewish Chronicle recently called something like "My Rabbi Couldn't Get Me to Come to Shul, But Jeremy Corbyn Did".

Anonymous said...

I believe she has a book about this topic coming out next week. I reserved a copy at my local library.
I've watched a few tv interviews of Bari Weiss (you can find on youtube) and think she comes across as articulate and surprisingly moderate on many topics. (I mean, considering she works for the NYT.

Princess Lea said...

DS: Interesting!

Anon: There are a number of moderates on the NYT staff - they do exist ;)