Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I actually did not realize that Solely in Black and White had tagged me for a meme until I was home sick and listlessly sifting through my stat sources after finally watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

I shall pick up the dropped gauntlet.

1. I wish I . . . was a good traveler. I'm a wreck whenever I change time zones. I get pukingly nauseous on JetBlue, so I have to dope up on Dramamine; by the time I arrive I'm more zombie than vacationer. I spend my time harping how tired and miserable I am, and by the last day I finally adjust. I want to be able to fly to Israel without a support staff.

2. My biggest fear . . . Woodbury Commons will get hit by a meteor. Of course that is not my biggest fear, but I'm not going to bare my soul to that extent, even anonymously. 

3. I hate to . . . wait for people. I'm always early (never mind on time) because I don't want to inconvenience others. When they don't show me that same consideration of planning ahead and pacing themselves, then I'm pretty annoyed.

4. I love to . . . read. I read on the train, I read before bed, I read on Shabbos afternoons. There is no greater felicity than reading a really good book, when one savors every page and hopes it will never end. 

5. Today I will . . . rot in bed. I contracted some mysterious ailment that has left my limbs feeling like Jello. It's nice to take a day off and catch up on unwatched films. 

6. Yesterday I . . . was getting sick. Blah. 

7. My hair . . . is lovely, thank God. In general, but not right now. After all, I am diseased. I'm going to have posts on haircare soon. 

8. I will never . . . say "I will never." I really cannot claim to know what I will or will not do in the future, how I will change due to yet-to-be-had experiences. I'd rather not go on record just to be safe.


SiBaW said...

Nice meme, although I think your (and Bad4’s) “I will never” is just a bit of a copout. I mean who do you think you are, The Fray? :-P All kidding aside, I hope you feel better and may you have a speedy recovery soon.

aminspiration said...

Refuah Shelaima!
and Shabbat Shalom