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Friday, May 17, 2013

Quaking Lobes

While I now have had pierced ears for quite some time, it has not been in a painless saga. 

My ears were originally pierced when I was a baby, but an unfortunate episode involving a sweater left a tear in my lobe (I was too small to remember. Or too traumatized?) The rip didn't go all the way through, thank goodness, but I never wore earrings again from that day forward.
My sister is much older than me, and when I was small I did what any self-respecting little sister would do, which is meddle in her possessions. I was messing around with her earrings and found, to my delight, that my holes had not closed up. 

I then proceeded to heartlessly shove any sort of earring through the piercings, and it was not soon after when they began to ooze unpleasantly. It turns out my ears are fineshemeker-ish, refusing to tolerate anything other than 14K gold. 

Later I got the long tear in my lobe professionally stitched up (it turned out I was totally overcharged for that) and so needed re-piercing. I went to a lady in a house in Brooklyn. 

"Titanium," she said, when I told her of the ooze, and she pierced my ears with titanium studs, which worked fabulously. My niece's ears were exuding pus until I gave her a spare pair of titanium studs I purchased inexpensively for such emergencies on Ebay.
Now you know. Piercing ears, just get titanium. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Semi-Precious Engagement

One day on the train I noticed the girl next to me had on an engagement ring. 

At least, I think it was an engagement ring. The diamond on it was a microscopic fleck. 

I perfectly understand that when it comes to finances, one should always stay within their means, especially when it comes to something unnecessary like an engagement ring. However, where is it written that it must be a diamond? What if, by choosing something more affordable, like semi-precious, one could have a larger stone? 

I love colored stones. I also love large stones. If I had to choose between a huge emerald-cut "something" or a teeny diamond, I'd rather go with the "something."  

The world is filled with a bright, rainbow array of beautiful stones! Yet why do we covet the colorless ones?  ("They sparkle so," Ma says longingly . . .)

Semi-Precious Options

Citrine (quartz family) is my top love. It has a warmth to it that flatters the skin, and looks beautiful with yellow gold.
Garnets' deep red evoke "Her price is far above rubies."
Peridot is usually an olive green, but can vary in intensity.
Topaz can be clear like diamond, but has a large range of hues and tints. There is Caribbean-beach blue, barely-there green, or citrine-like yellow, just to name a few.
Blue Topaz
Yellow Topaz
Lady Fashion Jewelry Fine Clear Topaz White Gold GP Cocktail Ring Size
Clear Topaz
Tourmaline also comes in many shades, and I happen to like their pinks (and I am not even a pink person). Green tourmaline can look similar to an emerald. There are also "ombré" stones that change colors.
Green Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline
Bi-Colored Tourmaline
Kunzite is a pale pink-violet.
Iolite is a rich, deep blue with violet undertones.
Morganite (or "Pink Beryl") is a pale pink.
Aquamarine (beryl family) is usually turquoise.
Amethyst (beryl family): purple.
Green Amethyst (quartz family) is actually regular amethyst that has been treated with heat, morphing the lavender shade to that of a refined barely-there green.
Pearl: With a variety of prices, quality, and colors, one can have a lot of fun there.
Alexandrite (chrysoberyl family, which is not the same as beryl): contains more than one shade in its greens and pinks.

Ametrine (quartz family) combines the two shades of amethyst and citrine, hence its name.
Avail thyself of rainbow hues to profess thy love.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pearls Ain't Pricey No More

I have always been a fan of pearls. They add a pleasing glow to the complexion without being the most expensive jewelery available.

I have been purchasing for insanely low amounts pearl bracelets and necklaces on Ebay from China. While "freshwater" was in the description, I figured they were fudging the actual authenticity. 

Yet, according to NYTimes, they may not have been. 

Apparently China, yet again, is edging out other pearl providers with a more affordable product. Rice patties are being converted to pearl farms, and the quality is pretty amazing. 

I think China is starting to grow on me.
No pun intended.