Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Turmeric, Magical Cure-All

I'm prone to mysterious stomach maladies. They are not, thankfully, as common as they used to be, but can still stab if not given the right digestives. 

From Yogi Cameron I learned of two natural potions that proved potent. The first, as a remedy for acid reflux, is a few pinches of saffron simmered in a cup of whole milk for 8 to 10 minutes, to allow the benefits to infuse.
For my acid reflux-prone family member, this concoction swiftly neutralized esophageal agony. 

Saffron, however, is quite expensive and not always readily available. As my internet browsing informed me, turmeric possesses all the bam-pow benefits without the price tag. I've made the acid-reflux remedy with both saffron and turmeric, and the latter performed just as well as the former. 

The second remedy is congee, white rice that is overcooked in copious water from anywhere between 30 minutes to overnight. For one suffering from an angry belly, sipping this mush (sweetener is permitted) provides nourishment without further demands of the compromised stomach.
Awaking one morning with an aching tummy, I chucked together the rice and water, but then also added turmeric and a slosh of oil. Turmeric is fat-soluble (that's why for the turmeric milk, whole milk is best). Then I left it to simmer for as long as I could.
My stomach pain vanished. Gone. And the next time, and the next.

To keep my stomach happy, I've started adding vigorous shakes of turmeric to my daily lunch soup. The taste is mild enough that it doesn't overwhelm the other flavors.

*Note: Turmeric stains something terrible. It may not even be possible to wash it out. So don't wear anything treasured while cooking/consuming it.

**Second note: Do not confuse the uses for turmeric milk and turmeric congee. If suffering from a stomach bug or upset stomach, milk will kill you. Not literally, obviously, but it won't be pleasant. Strictly for acid reflux.   


Tovah11 said...

Thank you so much! We suffer from those maladies more times that I care to think about. Even the medications are not quite working like they should.

Can't wait to try your antedotes.

Princess Lea said...

Hope they help!