Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Comfy Beauties

In my teenage youth, I loathed makeup. I found it false, and worse, an effort

Yet here I stand before the bathroom mirror, 90 minutes before a date or wedding, applying and dabbing and penciling with gleeful care. I feel fabulous. I love it. I no longer think of paint as "false," nor do I consider it work.

I also love my cleansers, creams, serums, oils, shampoos, conditioners, Dead Sea face masks . . . the list goes on.
Via theodysseyonline
Ta always claimed there was a Gemara or something that said fathers must provide their eligible daughters with cosmetics and skincare, so halachically, a little chein and yofi (also known as sheker and hevel in Eishes Chayil) is fine. 

Now there is a "No Makeup Movement." Alicia Keyes no longer wears any. True, but she has plenty of product to treat her skin and style her hair. Where is the line when it comes to "natural" beauty? 
Haley Mlotek considers this in "To Wear Makeup or Not to Wear Makeup?"  She claims, "The question is surprisingly fraught, but the answer is simple": 
. . . comfort is the root of confidence, and not the other way around. This is true whether a person is wearing makeup or not.
And (don't be surprised to hear this) I believe that to be true. If a gal walks into a room without "enhancement," she'll bowl everyone over with her ear-to-ear grin. She could be followed by an exquisitely crafted Face who refuses to make eye contact or smile, and people will nervously edge away from her. 

I'm comfortable in my Face. Other women aren't, so it won't give them that boost of attractive confidence that I experience. Thankfully, we are not all the same. 

Although, would you be willing to try a touch of mascara? It's a miracle-worker.  


Altie said...

I like wearing makeup. It makes my eyes stand out. I feel more comfortable with it on than not. I don't believe you have to go natural if that's not how you feel presentable.
Also, as you pointed out, even the celebrities who post #nomakeup or no filter selfies in the morning or whatever, their skin is still regularly treated with thousands of dollars worth of products to make their natural skin look great without makeup, whereas I can't go out without BB cream or foundation or cover-up etc.
You shouldn't have to apologize or defend your choice.

JG said...

I've never really worn makeup, partly because it usually makes my skin feel weird & partly because I never learned how or which colors are flattering. plus, my husband HATES makeup, & the few times I put on foundation or eye makeup he asked me to take it off! I do wear some lipstick here & there, & invest in really good moisturizer. and once in a while I curl my eyelashes just for kicks. I'd love to get a makeover from someone who could apply it to look "natural" & subtle even up close.

Mr. Cohen said...

Because I am a man, I have never worn fake-up aka makeup.

There are many unfair double-standards against men.

For example:

If a wife catches her husband in a lie, she becomes hysterical with rage, because she demands that her husband tell her the truth always.
But she lies to her husband and others whenever she wants to, and she believes that as a woman, she is entitled to lie whenever she feels is it justified.

So there is an unfair double-standard against men, in which women lie whenever she feels is it justified, but men have to tell the truth or feel the wrath of the woman.

Princess Lea said...

Altie: Exactly! Let every woman do what she is comfortable with.

JG: If that's what you're comfortable with, great! I wouldn't be your gal for subtle ;P

Anonymous said...

Why do you still post???? You are a truly sick individual, in need of serious help. I guess we should count our blessings: you didn't leave 15 nonsensical links at the end of your comment. That is a major improvement.

Anonymous said...

I thought PL blocked him a long time ago