Monday, July 21, 2014

Brush Maintenance

Most makeup artists boom, "Wash thy brushes regularly!" 

OK, I confess shlakiness on my part there. My bristles tend to accumulate pigment over time, and when I finally wash them I am amazed what comes off. Well, maybe horrified.

My favorite all-around cleaner is Castile soap. Castile soap is formulated from natural oils, meaning it isn't as harsh as other soaps. I even read somewhere that castile soap molecules are round, whereas most soap's are more sharp-edged, making it ideal for non-irritating cleansing.
I have a large bottle of Castile soap that I use for cleaning pretty much everything. It is great for bathrooms and kitchens, for instance, without getting woozy from ammonia fumes. They also come in a variety of pleasant scents; I'm partial to lavender.

While Michelle Phan (video embedded below) is quite persistent about using antibacterial soap, I have banned that stuff as creators of the future mutant virus that will destroy us all. Regular soap is sufficient. 
She mixes dish soap with olive oil; since Castile soap is derived from natural oils so I use it without any additionally oily help.

Maybe the reason why I don't wash my brushes enough is because I'm not sure what to do with them while they dry, and I know they shouldn't be left upright. Michelle suggests the Brush Guard, so I purchased them
They really are fun; wash brush, slide the thingamabob on, chuck it upside down into a cup, and let it dry.

The Guards are also ideal for travel, since they prevent the bristles from being bent misshapenly while bouncing along in my carry-on.

Now I actually clean my liquid makeup brush every time I use it; I don't bother with the plate that Phan suggests. A little squirt of Castile in my palm, rub the bristles into it, rinse it clean, wipe off the excess water, pop on a Guard, chuck it into my neigel vaaser cup, and there you go. It's usually dry the next morning.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you guys: I made my peace with liquid foundation. Post still in the works!    

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