Friday, July 25, 2014

Guest Post: My Big Brudder

I have mentioned (repeatedly) my sibling (not twin), Luke. He requested if he could piggy-back onto my blog, although not as Luke, but as Eilu v'Eilu. 

Guest Post: Eilu v'Eilu 

We have forgotten the fundamentals of respect. If we can learn these forgotten fundamentals and teach them to our children, then it may go a long way in solving some of the daunting psychological and spiritual challenges (some invented) that we, as a people, face. 

If we all learn fundamental respect for others, then the need to point out the length of someone else’s skirt goes away. If I respect another person, then I will dress appropriately in their presence as I would do at a business meeting, and, likewise, if they aren’t dressed to my standards, I will respect their preference. 

If I respect another person I will not take advantage of them—be it in a business interaction, or social interaction when I have the irresistible urge to say something inappropriate or insulting. 

If I respect another person the only time I am motivated to take action is when they are harming another person or themselves and not feel it necessary to intervene when their spiritual practices are not up to par with my own. 

Yes—it is true that we are responsible for one another. The core of that compulsion is from a fundamental respect that each and every human being in entitled to. At the end of the day, the obligation is respecting our fellow human being, as well as their choices, even if I don’t deem them appropriate. Their choices are their own, and I can only intervene when they harm themselves or others physically or emotionally.

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