Friday, September 11, 2015

Random "This Morning" Vids

If there is a story in the morn' that piques my interest, I bookmark it, figuring I'll stick it into an appropriate post, but that leaves too many random details to keep track of. So, here they go in one shot: 

3) For gut health, embrace germs (I've read a book of hers on keeping the boch happy, and I miserably nibble on crystallized ginger nearly every day). 

4) Who said adults can't still color? (I like coloring with the kinfauna. It's very relaxing.)


Daniel Saunders said...

Funny, my sister was talking about adult colouring books to me recently. I've been pretty bad, mental health-wise and she was suggesting that as something I could do when I'm too depressed to even read. I haven't tried it, but I have experimented with painting some fantasy war-gaming miniatures, which I used to do as a teenager (I didn't much like war-gaming, but was pretty good at painting the miniatures). I think focusing on the detail lets me switch off a bit and there's a confidence boost too in achieving something. Inevitably, I want to get some Doctor Who miniatures to paint, now I've finished my knights in armour...

Princess Lea said...

But that falls into fantasy/sci-fi fandom. Everything is allowed under that umbrella.