Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tichel Bonanza

This post is for the wedded Jewesses who opt to cover their hair:
Ma, for casual about-the-house headgear, has only one choice: the kerchief. Not just any kerchief. It must be: 

1) 100% cotton. In her experience, any other materials, or even blends, don't grip the hair sufficiently, and tend to slide off; 

2) The fabric should be thin and lightweight (she feels excess weight of all forms quite keenly);

3) It must be perfectly square, to become a neat triangle; and 

4) The dimensions should range between 33-ish to 39-ish inches, neither too small nor too large. 

It is a tall order. Most scarves are silk or synthetic (how do the shpitzel wearers keep them on?), most are rectangular, and if a square one is discovered, it often isn't the right size. 

So I scour. Often my online discoveries would be less than promising, to be returned or tolerated. 

I then came across The website is geared for women dealing with chemo-related hair loss, and contain an insane amount of options, including 100% cotton, square scarves in a variety of sizes.

Tentatively, I purchased two clearance item scarves, figuring that for $11, they'll be spares. But the scarves that arrived were deliciously soft and deliriously light. Gleefully, I began to sift through their regular price options ($14 to $17). 

That should make up for melting that tupperware lid back in 1998.

*Disclaimer: I'm recommending this website simply because they booted me back into the favorite child running. They do not know of me, nor are they showering me in complimentary scarves. 

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