Friday, January 15, 2016


  • The Introvert Song! 

  • I'm so like the below. 

  • The Shidduch Song? 


Daniel Saunders said...

You keep your Star Wars toys untouched and collectible? I didn't have you down as a collector, rather than a player. It's more fun playing, although in twenty years time one will look back at the investment one could have made and weep. For me it's old Doctor Who Magazines that are falling to pieces, have completed crosswords, dog-earred pages and missing vouchers. Still can't get rid of them, though. Also old videos that probably wouldn't raise much money even in a pristine state. But the covers are nice and artistic!

Princess Lea said...

True, I am a player, but it's more like I haven't gotten around to taking them out of the packaging. Plus, once I do, some kiddies will definitely lose all the pieces. MY TOYS. MINE.