Monday, January 11, 2016

Thick and Thin

Manhattan Love Story, "It's Complicated": 

After their reservation at a top restaurant gets pushed, Dana and Peter opt for an establishment with a C- health rating. After retiring to his place, Peter fights through symptoms of food poisoning, only to puke on Dana's feet. Despite her horror, she offers to stay to look after him. But a few minutes later, Dana is hurling as well.

The two spend the night panting, sweating, and wheezing side by side. Peter feebly attempts to open the window, but fails. Dana weakly dabs his forehead with a wet cloth of dubious origin. Eventually, they team up to pry the window open. Peter strums on the guitar a ditty on the agony of vomiting, making Dana laugh.

As the horror begins to pass, Peter asks Dana why she stayed after getting hit with his projectile, as most girls would have left. She says she considered it, but she doesn't want to be one of those couples that miss all their chances. 

Peter says they won't, because last night was the most intimate encounter he ever had, that he knows way more about her than before. 

"Me too," she replies.  

I sometimes wonder if we do our carefully manicured dating selves any good by maintaining that Shabbos Face for so long whilst courting. We don't really see each other as fully as we could. One doesn't truly know someone until they share closet space with them, true, but if that mystery within could be revealed just a little bit more . . .   


Altie said...

That's why I want to meet someone not through the shidduch system, so he can see the "real" me, at ease and in my element. I always wanted to be a counselor in a summer camp with a boys and girls division, I imagined that moment I would meet one of the guy counselors in the office, my hair would be in a pony tail, maybe a smudge of paint on my nose. I laugh at it now, how young and naive I was. But I mean, Shabbos happens every week and I have yet to meet a nice guy at a shabbos meal. I hear the stories, and I wonder...

Princess Lea said...

That fantasy is fabulous. Can I borrow it?

There are so many stories out there. But we will have our own.

Altie said...

Of course! I'll take anything at this point, really. It would just be nice to have a great 'first date' story.

God willing very soon, can't wait to see the culmination of all your bad date stories.

Princess Lea said...

From your keyboard to God's inbox, for us both, Amen!