Monday, December 19, 2016

Down with the Borg

Generalizations complicate matters. They encourage conspiracy theories and dwindling faith in humanity. In single women's case, in mankind. 

Take the potentially broiling topic: women and careers. In my case, I have received many a puzzled look as to why I do not have a career ("What a waste!"), along with the ubiquitous "Well, boys nowadays want ______." 

A few girls I know, following some such comments, reluctantly went back to school; they didn't pursue those higher degrees because they felt a burning desire to experiment in other employment. They ended up marrying men who didn't care either way.

Yet, I have come across quite a number of articles opining how "all men want" a trophy wife who'll stay home with the kids, and also won't have an opinion. 

There you go, folks: All men want a women with a career. All men want brainless bimbos. 

That's quite a trick. 

I don't appreciate it that as a female, there will be guys out there complaining, "Well, girls nowadays want ______." I'm me. An individual. The men I've gone out with were individuals too, with their own versions of what they seek in a life partner.

We aren't the Borg ("Self-determination is irrelevant"; "You will become one with the Borg"), who have a warped concept of perfection (which is, if clarification is needed, that "perfection" is no identity, no individuals). There is no right. There is no wrong. There is no good. There is no bad. There is no "all they want." 

There is "What works for me." Which won't be the same as "What works for you." And that's fine. 

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Anonymous said...

"Well, boys nowadays want ______."

There is a new movement of men who refuse marry or even date.

They want no contact with women, not even to talk to them.

It is called MGTOW, and it is one of the best ideas I ever heard.