Monday, January 30, 2017

How to Travel I

I, once again, sheepishly admit (or brazenly confess?) that I am a sucky traveler. The destination has to really attract me (and Miami doesn't) to tempt me to board a plane. For Israel, ah, Israel, for there I shall happily gird myself. 

Yet, weapons are needed to survive the journey. It took months of research for a week's "vacation," and I now clobber you with my helpful finds: 

1. Alaska Bear Silk Eye Mask: I have used many an eye mask, but this soft, non-shvitzy one is my favorite. It's so light that it didn't even muss my eye makeup, yet kept me in the dark.
2. Travelrest Neck Pillow or the Comfy Commuter Neck Pillow: Overwhelmed by reviews, I bought three highly rated neck pillows and returned one (it was hard as a rock, but everyone had it strapped to their bags in the airport). The Travelrest supports my (long) neck while the foam on the sides snuggily gives. Ma preferred the Comfy Commuter, which I found to be too mushy and not supportive enough for my neck. (Ta can sleep anywhere and was content with the previously owned bean-bag version).
3. Xenics Humidifier: Airplane air is notoriously dry, and I had been on the search of a small, desk-friendly humidifier anyway. This one is closed, although it does inevitably leak if it falls over (the carpet under my seat was soaked going and coming after knocking it over in my drugged sleep). But it is refreshing and skin-preserving. (Press the button once, and it goes on along with a night-light; press the button again to continue steam but turn off the light.)
Now it's by my desk.
4. Travel Kosher Lamp: Blessedly, this comes with an adapter for foreign plugs. Awaking at the 2 a.m. is unpleasant enough, but at least with this I don't have to blast the whole room with light to read. It's also quite convenient for Shabbos if staying in a hotel room with no zeigers programmed.
I tote it along with me if going away locally for a Shabbos.
5. Dramamine: It's not only for motion sickness, folks! A lovely side-effect is intense drowsiness, to the point that two can knock me out for seven hours, at least. It's an antihistamine, as opposed to stronger sleep aids. Yet it won't provide the same knock-out results two nights in a row; there has to be a week in between, at least. Use it wisely.
Next week: How to walk off the plane like a mensch! 


Daniel Saunders said...

I'm also not a very good traveller! I can't sleep on planes at all. Fortunately Israel is only about five hours from the UK (depending on prevailing winds).

I had no idea you can get travel Shabbos lamps now. I'll have to see if they're available in the UK.

Mr. Cohen said...

The idea that travel is fun is part of American culture;
it is NOT part of Jewish tradition:


Jerusalem Talmud, tractate Berachot, chapter 4, law 4, page 34B:
Rabbi Shimon bar Abba taught: All roads are assumed to be dangerous.

The Jerusalem Talmud was compiled between 250 CE and 370 CE.


Babylonian Talmud, tractate Gittin, page 70A
Three things drain the strength of a man; they are: terror, travel and sin...


Midrash Rabah on Bereshit / Genesis, chapter 39, paragraph 11:
Rabbi Chiya taught: reduces three things: reproduction, money and fame…

Rabbi Chiya was active around the year 220 of the Common Era.