Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Borg Face

Finding makeup tutorials that talk to me is a difficulty. I can scroll, constantly, unsuccessfully, as they are often the same

Like the cat's eye eyeliner look. I'm not a fan. I think it narrows out the shape of the eyes. Additionally, unless one is a professional, it often requires—oh, the horror—stretching the eyelid into a straight line to apply. The potential for saggy skin!

Doesn't anyone use basic pencil? Friendly, non-diva pencil? Apply and smudge? Simple as pie? Hello? YouTubers? 

Brown lipstick—no. Pink eyeshadow—hell no. And I would like blush on the apples of my cheeks, not bronzer. 

You know how hard it is to find a tutorial that meets my desired image, even though there are thousands out there? 

It's called "Instagram Face." The Borg got there too.
There are plenty out there who disagree with me. They adore cat's eye. They pink their lids. They bronze their apples. That's fantastic! Everyone should know what they, themselves like. 

But if it's just because it's the top rated image on Instagram? Give it a think.    


Some Poems Don't Rhyme said...

Agreed. It’s the same with any style. People should not just wear something because it is “in;” it needs to compliment them. And just to say, classic works in so many more ways than what’s popular.

Altie said...

Funnily enough, I was in Walmart shortly after reading this and saw a really pretty rose/gold palette eye shadow and I love the look of combining pink and gold on the eyelid. I didn't buy it cuz alas I don't want to spend more money on makeup.

I wouldn't do bronzer on my cheeks though.

Princess Lea said...

SPDR: And when classic is in style, it works well for all!

Altie: Good woman.