Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sugar Snap Peas with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

I am currently making these every Friday, so I think they are "post worthy." 

The recipe below was originally for green beans, yet Ma preferred the sugar snaps. 
I learned the hard way that sugar snaps do not require blanching for this recipe, yet it would be a good idea to trim the ends and pull off the hard veins as much as you can. I start from Step 2. 

I also estimate the ingredients. Safflower or avocado oil instead of butter, obviously. Instead of fresh grated lemon zest, for which only an organic lemon should be used (the others are coated in nasty wax), I sprinkle this on instead. Not too much, though; I once used an entire tablespoon and ick. 

As for sun-dried tomatoes, these were a happy discovery. 
I keep the timing of the rest of the recipe religiously. Three minutes for shallots, two minutes for tomatoes, then about five or so for the sugar snaps. Taste one to see if they're still too firm. There's a magical point where they still keep their bright greenness yet have lost their toughness. Watch them vigilantly.  

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