Monday, April 4, 2011

Where to buy

When it comes to skin care, I recently found an alternate location to stock up rather than Ye Olde Drugstore. 

A few years ago, I morphed into one of those annoying, preaching nutcases who terrorize innocents about the evils of processed foods and the availability of healthier options. As I was searching for an online store that carries ground flaxseed, I stumbled across the website to which I would give way too much of my money. carries, along with vitamins, supplements, and spelt cereal, skin products produced by companies who have all sorts of mantras - ingredients that are more natural, sometimes organic, and the non-use of some components that have been, let's say, banned in Europe. 

Is there really a need for red lake #40 to be in my cleanser, just so it will have an appealingly pink shade? 

This is my own mishagas, so I will try to work in drugstore-available options for those who don't have such qualms. But be aware that the products that I buy online are usually priced the same (or cheaper; they have great discounts) as the drugstore, plus Vitacost is currently having free shipping (usually it's a reasonable $5 flat rate). 

At this point in time, they are not paying me to say all these complimentary blurbs. Hopefully that will change in the future.

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