Friday, August 16, 2013

Jane Austen Obsessives Unite

Poor, poor, Colin Firth. 

On his tombstone there won't be much mention of his many superbly acted roles (George VI!) except for Mr. Darcy in the A&E adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, thanks to the many, many women swooning over his performance.
Men's styles were so flattering in the early 1800s.

Luke forwarded me the trailer for Austenland, and I decided to read the book before seeing it (I'm waiting to read the reviews, though) so that the film would not mess about with the original tale. 
Austenland (the book) was written by Shannon Hale, and I found it a fun, light read. Jane Hayes, a constant seeker of love who sees every man who crosses her path as a potential soul mate, is a closeted adorer of A&E's P&P. Her friend admonishes her for her intensity, referencing Jane's tendency to refer to any innocent male interaction as a relationship.
That is why I adored the conclusion. The huntswomen questing for a longtime partner, as opposed to casual boyfriends, should feel no shame in their pursuit.


Anonymous said...

As much as I adore all things P&P (thought I far prefer Matthew McFadyen's Darcy), I have to say I did not really care for Austenland, probably due to having reached my threshold limit of chick lit novels a few years ago.
I still have hopes for the movie version, though!

Princess Lea said...

I haven't been reading much chick-lit lately (in my teens I had a thing for Regency romances) so to me it is a yet uncharted genre.

The NY Times was less than complimentary regarding the film, but I still think it would be fun. It doesn't have to be great literature, after all.

Anonymous said...

I read chick lit back from when the genre first started (I'd say about 12 years ago), back then I was pretty indiscriminating but now there are only a few authors I'll still read (if they publish something new). Off the top of my head, Marian Keyes and Carol Snow.

Do you still read Regency romances? I don't have the patience for the trashy type anymore, but I still really like Tracy Grant, Jude Morgan, and Lauren Willig (I guess her books would fall into that category). I used to love Marion Chesney's Regencies back in the day.

Princess Lea said...

The only chick-lit I read as a teenager was of the Regency variety; I always like historical novels more than contemporary.

Joan Smith is hands down the funniest (I would heartily recommend "Valerie"), and I read a lot of Carola Dunn, Fiona Hill, Sheila Simonson, definitely Marion Chesney, Rosemary Edghill, and other authors that I just can't find.

I haven't read any recently, but some I would definitely take out again. Joan Smith is always good for a laugh.

FrumGeek said...

I saw the movie recently (will you be giving a review?) And I thought it was cute. Had a nice feel good, expected ending for a rom-com (though not without a clever twist), however it was that very ending that undermined what I think could've been an important lesson. Mr.Darcy doesn't exist. Girls who keep on hoping for him will be disappointed. These girls set thier standards too high, expecting an unrealistic romance. Like fe doesn't work that way. The person you end up with will be chock full of flaws. Yet, naturally,the guy the heroine ends up with is perfect.

Princess Lea said...

I have an odd quirk: I read movie reviews, and then never end up seeing the movie.

But if we are going back to Mr. Darcy, in P&P he is very much human. He is referred to as a "man without fault," by Miss Bingley, an opinion which Lizzy takes with a wrinkled nose. She has him pegged as prideful, which he is, and he definitely meddled in matters that weren't his concern.

When the two characters move in together, bang, he will have flaws. Everything is prettier at a distance.

FrumGeek said...

Well I think the film is still worth seeing, especially for you.

Princess Lea said...

Then it shall be added to the list!

(But I totally plan on seeing "Guardians of the Galaxy" in theaters. Good reviews, I hope?)