Sunday, August 4, 2013


I saw Fill the Void a second time. It's playing now in more obscure locales, and the second viewing really hammered home the brilliance of the talented actors. I was able to see the character motivations more clearly, even though they are transmitted subtly through facial expression.

All the way to the car my two movie companions and I argued the nuances and the wardrobe. One said, "How did all these chassidish people agree to be in a movie?" She was stunned when I told her they aren't Chareidi. Then she just wanted to know what Yiftach Klein looks like without the beard. 

What, you haven't seen it yet? 


Anonymous said...

yiftach klein = winning. i am eagerly anticipating the DVD/blu-ray release [please, please let it be released in the united states].

Princess Lea said...

It totally will! I need to buy it because my Babi is in no shape to go to the movies and I really want her to be able to enjoy it.

To be honest, she likes pretty-faced men, and I think she would be happy looking at Yiftach Klein.