Monday, March 31, 2014

Dressing for Men: The Bone Collector

Men's shirt collars can have a mind of their own. If left to their own devices, they may curl instead of looking starchly in place. If one is wearing a tie, then one has to make sure the collar stays where it's supposed to.

For that, there are bones (as they are called in my house), also known as collar stays. These little doohickeys can work wonders just by being slipped into the shirt collar.
They are available in both plastic and metal. If getting plastic, make sure they are solid and firm; they shouldn't bend or fold while being slipped into the collar.


tesyaa said...

Reputable shirtmakers (like Lands' End) include the stays when you purchase a shirt.

Princess Lea said...

It's the disreputable ones then that are responsible for the horror out there, then.

sporadicintelligence said...

And there's no excuse for not having them...if you don't know where to buy them, or can't afford them, every dry cleaner has a stockpile of them from people who left them in their shirts. They very often give them out for free if you ask, or they'll just leave them on the counter for you to help yourself :)

Princess Lea said...

NO excuse is right!