Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Frankenstein's Monster

After quite a few dateless months, suddenly three "yes"es were plopped into my lap. But unhappily, I only liked one aspect of each. 

Bachelor 1 had the similar background;

Bachelor 2 had reliable employment; and

Bachelor 3 was a local. No long, grueling journeys! 

But the rest of their information failed to ignite any sort of flame of hope in my chest. I wasn't saying "no" to any of them, yet Ta was still trying every which way to pique my interest. Except, he couldn't decide who to focus on. 

"You know," he would suddenly say over his morning breakfast, "about Bachelor 1, it's not a terrible thing that . . ." 

By dinner, he would pipe, "And after all, regarding Bachelor 2, you can't hold it against him that . . ." 

At a commercial during The Big Bang Theory: "As for Bachelor 3, it's not unheard of that . . ." 

"Ta," I asked dryly, "do you intend for me to marry all of these guys?"

"Well," he grinned mischievously, "there's a thought . . ." 

Or I could sew various parts of them together.
We were made for each other!

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