Monday, April 13, 2015

Pareve Chocolate Chips

It was a great tragedy (so I hear) the day that the hechsher on Trader Joe's Chocolate Chips changed from OK to OK-D. I was new to Trader Joe's (and chocolate chips) myself when it occurred, so did not realize the seriousness of the switch. 

I was browsing one day on Vitacost, searching for high percentage cacao chocolate bars, when Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate Morsels popped up. Miraculously, it contains not only 69% cacao, it is pareve (cRc) to boot. The Enjoy Life brand markets itself as being allergy-free, which means no nuts, no eggs, and no dairy.
Ma started adding these to her staple brownie (which does not call for chocolate chips) and the audience is quite pleased. These chips add a satiety factor; instead of binging on cake, one feels satisfied after one or two pieces. The biggest testimony of its yumminess is Luke's acceptance; he tends to be a purist (he hasn't touched the bundtcake since the recipe was altered fifteen years ago).

I've also used these chips in granola bars. The kinfauna did not complain of the lower level of sweetness.  

If opting for a (slightly) sweeter option, there are also Semi-Sweet Mini Chips and Semi-Sweet Mega Chunks.       


Anonymous said...

I remember that dark day that TJ chocolate chips became dairy... I ran out and bought a couple cases. I still have a few bags in my freezer. I joke that theyre my dowry.

Having tried nearly all the kosher parve chocolate chips on the market, I think that leibers is probably the best.

(Side note, the hashgacha was OK, not OU :-) )

Princess Lea said...

Corrected. And true, Lieber's does make a good product, in general. Ma has said so.

Good one about the dowry. :P