Monday, April 27, 2015

Morning Cuppa

I had been hearing about lemon water for some years now, and after a FB cousin posted this article, I was game.

My immune system hasn't been operating so well. Miss a couple of nights' sleep, and I get a cold. Contracting a lingering fever in winter is now so common, everyone thinks I am a hypochondriac (I can't walk. I'm not overreacting). Once I'm over a fever, then another bout of the cold. 

Last winter I took up with raw garlic, and it kept me hale and hearty, even when I was surrounded by disease carriers. But it's a complicated enterprise, especially with the eyes streaming and the breath stinking. I managed to work around those two issues until this most recent winter, when I started getting sick, even with garlic cloves in me. 

I was now open to lemon water. I wondered, for a time, if I was just a gullible weenie, but thankfully the news has backed its potency, albeit in terms of digestion and skin health. I'll take that. 

I don't add in the raw honey; it's a pain to get it out of the glass. I occasionally lick it off a spoon.   

Daily, I squeeze out the juice from a half a lemon, then warm up the room temperature water with some boiling water, and sip it through a straw to spare my teeth. I love the taste of lemon in general, so it's refreshing as well as collagen- and immune-building . . . I hope.  

Time will tell. 

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