Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Contouring, Updated

When I tackled contouring last year, I recommended using a matte bronzer for contouring the cheekbones. 

But, I sheepishly admit, bronzer tends to have orange undertones, in order to replicate a sun-given crispiness. Ideally, the product used for contouring cheekbones should recreate shadow. Shadow is not orange. 

Messing about on Sephora, I stumbled across Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder, and the reviews enthused that its taupe-y undertones perfectly replicates a shadow effect. (Of course, a week after I gleefully bought it I was bombarded with a 15% off VIB promotion. Gaaah.)
At around the same time, T.J. Maxx had restocked the beauty section with a twinkling supply of "Buy me!" products, and I grabbed a Precision Beauty Angled Blush Brush and ran. I managed to accumulate a cluster of brushes for contouring that did not live up to its promises, and this one has made me quite happy.
The Sculpting Powder looks dark, but it is the perfect contouring shade. It is very pigmented, so with a mere brush of the bristles against the powder, my cheekbones are supermodel-y defined. I may not have inherited Babi's bone structure, but I can fake it. 

I'm sensing some dirty looks regarding the price ($44!), but please be patient with the gal who lives at home and B'H has very few expenses. But, to redeem myself, I provide a drugstore alternative: NYX Powder Blush in Taupe. Disclaimer: I have not tried it, but most drugstores have a cosmetic return policy.      

If I have an event, I take it a step further by contouring my nose. The cute gal in the above video shows how. But keep in mind that one can contour the nose without contouring the eyes. I like brightness in my inner eye.

I'm using up the bronzer that I have during the week (I also have another in storage), saving the KA for Shabbos and simchos. 

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