Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fate vs. Science

The Odd Couple, "The Blind Leading the Blind Date" 

Dani, Oscar's assistant, begins to wail that her high school reunion is coming up, and she's the only one who isn't married (and I thought us frummies were so special.) Felix (the micro-manager) happily volunteers to find her a mate, based on his thorough questionnaire (Dani insists on religion and a love of sports). Oscar (messily laid-back) insists that love can't be forced, it just happens; one should "get out there," he argues instead, and meet people.
Felix trots off to have all his acquaintances screened, while Oscar takes Dani to his local sports bar to meet men. The first option's phone rings, and he says he doesn't have to answer, it's just his mother. Dani marches away. "A real man always takes his mamma's calls." The second winks roguishly during the introduction. "He's a winker. Never trust a winker." The third speaks with ostentatious vocabulary. "He used the word 'plethora.' Just say 'too much'; don't fancy-pants me!"

Oscar, exasperated, says she's not giving anyone a chance. "If I don't get the right vibe," she insists, "I'm not going to waste my time." At this point an attractive woman by the name of Kim comes over and claims to be touched by Oscar's concern for his friend, and the two go off together. 

Felix bounces in that he has found the perfect man for her, and proceeds to plan a romantic evening for the next day, complete with flowers and violinist. He giddily introduces his selection, Will, to Dani, and gleefully awaits the sparks. Oscar enters with Kim, crowing at their suitability, as an "in your face" to Felix's methods. 

The night goes on. Oscar is disturbed to discover that Kim has no qualms stealing the staff's tips, and finally cracks when she plants a roach on her dinner plate.
Dani, across the way, is not "feeling it" with Will (who isn't, either). Felix is crushed that his scientific proof did not result in a perfect couple. 

A sports-watching heckler who can't stand Oscar's radio show goes at him (again) and Oscar notices that there is a large cross around his neck. While the guy is bawling him out, his phone rings. "You know what bugs me about guys like you . . . Oh, hey, it's my mom!" He perks up and cheerfully picks up the phone, cutting off his tirade.

It then occurs to Oscar that this guy could be ideal for Dani (religious, like sports, and loves his mother), and calls him over. The two obviously hit it off right away. (Shidduch date wins!)

Felix, still low, admits: "I guess you were right . . . as scary as it is, sometimes you  have to leave it all up to fate."

Sometimes I wonder how much more hishtadlus I can possibly do. I've been introduced to a multitude of individuals, supposedly well-connected. My information has been e-mailed hundreds of times. I have gone out on dates that I knew were pointless. I attended cringe-worthy singles events. It feels like I'm banging my head against a wall. 

But I know that I can't control the who, the when, and I certainly don't comprehend the why. So I'm going to keep on keepin' on, while leaving it to a Higher Power.     


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

First, if she's too busy for her role on Community she's too busy for this too.
Second, the original series was perfect and does not to be redone. Matt Perry is no Jack Klugman, no sir!

Princess Lea said...

My sentiments exactly. Could he be even more stiff?

Mr. Cohen said...

The Odd Couple is one of the best television theme songs.

Check it out:

FrumGeek said...

You have to stress the 'BE'

FrumGeek said...

This is filmed differently than Community. The hours are significantly less.

Princess Lea said...

Ah, the Chandler "BE"!