Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sinful Colors Thimbleberry

'Twas the day before Purim, and my nobly fasting niece required some entertainment. While she is hard to impress, her ears perked up at the suggestion that I do her nails. Now to waste some time in the drugstore.  

While her eye lingered hopefully over the greens, blues, and purples, I was firm: Only pink. Nails, like lips, in my view, must remain within the red/pink range. Additionally, she was to be a princess for the holiday, and I wanted an appropriate hue. Our options thus limited, as was the drugstore supply, we both quickly zoned in on Sinful Colors Thimbleberry. 
In some lights, the color looks pink; in others, orange. Whatever color it actually is, it suited her pale skin, as well as her age, to perfection.
When summer actually comes, Thimbleberry will get some use.   

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