Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Comfort Zone

"Get out of your comfort zone!"
My idea of an ideal night.
But why do I have to? I created my comfort zone to its exact dimensions, to my liking. I've made it a stress-free, predictable place, complete with planned menus. I am very attached to my meals.

Others may like to travel aimlessly with only a backpack to rely on. They don't care if a late night will torpedo their tomorrow. They don't seem to be particularly attached to a specific bathroom. Dinner? No worries, that will somehow work itself out. 

That's their comfort zone.

Well, here's my reply: Why don't you stay in one night? Read a book; it doesn't have to be thought provoking or deep. Maybe cook something that contains all your favorite vegetables (I would recommend beginning with caramelized onions). Have a deep conversation with a close friend or family member, with whom one can be open and opinionated, because you don't have to win their favor. Get out of your comfort zone. Go to bed early. 

No? All right, I understand, you don't want to leave your comfort zone. So I'll stay snug in mine, while you revel in yours. That seems fair.


Altie said...

I think for me the problem is accepting that it's okay that I like my comfort zone, and not feeling bad about not being adventurous or more like society tries to push us to be. Because it makes me feel like I should be backpacking through Europe or whatnot when I'd rather just stay home.

Daniel Saunders said...

I agree with Altie. Also, for some people the comfort zone isn't healthy e.g. people who would rather eat fast food than nutritious, home-cooked food. The unhealthiness can also be psychological e.g. people who are scared to try things they would enjoy; an extreme case is someone who won't leave an abusive relationship because it seems more comfortable than being single.

Princess Lea said...

Altie: I've always had to apologize for preferring my own interests, until I realized: If they don't have to apologize, why should I? I go to bed at 9:30. Wanna make something of it?

DS: But that's not a comfort zone. That's self-harming, denial, fear. I don't keep to my schedule because I'm afraid. I keep to it because I enjoy it. If an opportunity comes around that sounds interesting, hey, I'll bite, even if there will be a sleep-deprived hangover.