Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hungarian Menu Benefits

My palate is certainly biased to the Hungarian flavors on which I was raised. I try to politely sample other fare, but have rarely found anything else that can ever possibly compete.
Kapostas testa, Via zsuzsa is in the kitchen
Behold the Magyar kitchen's greater powers: That of contriving marriages.
He returned a couple of weeks later, raising the stakes by preparing his Hungarian mother’s recipe for chicken paprikash (he brought sweet paprika with him), along with Hungarian nokedli dumplings. “Everything went well,’’ he said. “Once you start eating together and cooking together, it’s a little more intimate.” 
Spying that detail in the wedding announcements made us squeal in glee. 

At every family gathering, Ma would truly love to present something new. But she has accepted that everyone expects, nay, demands, the nokedlach. It truly unleashes the primal competitiveness in us all.
My nieces just don't get it, though. They're so cute. They say, "I'll have some later," as though there will be any some left to have.

One of these days I shall be magnanimous enough to share the recipe. One of these days.  

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