Thursday, October 13, 2016

Potato Sub?

Have you met the rutabaga? We've only just been introduced. 

It appeared on my radar when researching good foods for nuking my probably imaginary bad gut bacteria. I can have my starch and eat it too, ha ha. 

I scurried into the fruit store, where I lamely asked a worker which was the rutabaga. It was labeled as something else (wax turnip?), and clutching it reverently, returned home and pan-roasted it. 

Peel, dice, and simmer with some oil, a splash of water, black pepper and garlic powder covered for 45 minutes, then took the top off until there was a pleasant browning. 
It tasted almost like—like—like a potato! 

The heavens have opened! 

For a more official recipe, thar ye go. I'm not crazy about rosemary, though. Too perfume-y. 

Rutabagas are a cross between cabbage and turnips, so it is considered part of the cruciferous family, along with all the good for ya elements therein. That's why I went looking for it. It also has half the calories and carbs of potatoes. (I'm not sure about the "half" thing. Less than half, maybe? I'm approximating. Google it yourself.)

Because of their sturdy texture, they maintain a firm image even after long cooking (no mushiness), while soft and nummy. 

Rutabaga fries, anyone? 

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