Thursday, February 1, 2018

Oh Wise One

"Give her some advice," she said, shoving her alarmed 20-year-old granddaughter forward. 

I blinked. 

It was obvious that she was seeking dating-related insight, but did she really want it from a formerly "older" single who was 32 on her wedding day? Well, here goes nothin'. 

"You have to leave it to the Eibishter," I said, hands waving skyward. "He takes care of everything . . . but, it does take a lot of self-awareness. I'm not the same person as I was at 28, 25, 22. You come to know yourself better, and what you need." 

Relief shone from the girl's face, and she nodded. I saw in her eyes that she understood.

The grandmother, however, was disappointed. I'm not sure what she expected me to say, but I suppose I went off script. Well, what did she expect from the "elderly" one?

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Some Poems Don't Rhyme said...

Word. I think you hit it on the head.