Thursday, February 15, 2018

Treat It, Don't Ignore It

So, um . . . I have dandruff

You couldn't hear me? *Cough* sorry. Well, er . . . I have dandruff. 

Nothing to be ashamed of, you say. But somehow I always thought it as an acceptable male malady, with their Head & Shoulders. When I started getting flakes in my 20s, I focused on alternative treatments that weren't specific to dandruff. 

Like weekly coconut oil hair masks. For my hair's sake, I would say, while working it in my scalp to moisturize. Yet whatever Google claimed, I still had a flakes.

I decided to grow up and face reality. I bought Jason Normalizing Treatment Shampoo, and just like that *snap*, the dandruff was gone.
I'm so happy with it I bought a second bottle. It is a worthy repurchase.  

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