Monday, March 26, 2018

Pesach Recipe Roundup II

First, note the original Pesach Recipe Roundup.  

As Han astutely observed, I pretty much cook Pesach-dik all year round; I try to keep Shabbos sides low- or no-carb so we can party with challah. My go-to side is roasted kobocha squash sprinkled with some sea salt and cinnamon, which is rather simple and gets fought over (bake the squash at 350 for 20-30 minutes to make it easier to cut).
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Last week, some older kinfauna came for Shabbos. They brought along with them roasted red, orange, and yellow bell peppers with sweet potatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper. The pan arrived empty; they ate it all on the way over. 

I used to obsessively search for various new and exciting Pesach recipes. But it's one week. One can't do without some leavening or kitniyos for one week? OK, I can't make Han's favorite sugar snap peas. I don't make them every week anyway. 

The only Pesach-specific recipe I have are for cakes, and, well, we shouldn't need that many anyway. To quote Ma, "Cut up a cantaloupe." Tons of delicious fruit at our disposal, no prep required.

So as we exhale some terror, my ladies, my apologies for not yet posting how to make the full-proof year-round beloved paprikash. Because all roads lead to paprikash. 

The below are recipes that I make all year that happen to be Pesach-dik.
  • Lemony Coleslaw: 1 bag coleslaw mix + ¼ cup each lemon juice, mayo, and brown sugar + salt and pepper. Toss and chill. (Like a mouthful of sunshine.) 
  • Lecsó (I haven't found Pesachdik hot paprika, but red pepper flakes will do)

The Untried but Intriguing: 

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