Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pearls Ain't Pricey No More

I have always been a fan of pearls. They add a pleasing glow to the complexion without being the most expensive jewelery available.

I have been purchasing for insanely low amounts pearl bracelets and necklaces on Ebay from China. While "freshwater" was in the description, I figured they were fudging the actual authenticity. 

Yet, according to NYTimes, they may not have been. 

Apparently China, yet again, is edging out other pearl providers with a more affordable product. Rice patties are being converted to pearl farms, and the quality is pretty amazing. 

I think China is starting to grow on me.
No pun intended.  


Yedid Nefesh said...

Pearls are a very classy piece of jewelry, but i think that the fashion of the past say three years (although not so much anymore today) cheapened their looks. Everyone was wearing pearls, mostly fake ones but pearls then stopped to be associated with the classy ladies

Princess Lea said...

I love them as chokers. And I think they cast such a flattering glow on the skin.

There is always hope they will make a comeback.

Anonymous said...

You could have known whether those pealrs were real or not without the NYTimes suggesting their autheticity. The way to tell if a pearl is real is to grind it against your teeth for a moment. If it's real, it'll feel grainy and sand-like. Fake - like plastic against your teeth :)

I love pearl earrings. I call them instant aidelizers, and they really soften and brighten my (or any) face.

When I got married, I didn't want the pearl necklace that most kalalhs get in the yichud room, they cramp my style, by MIL, picked up instead, I think it's 64 inches, small pearls, so now I have this awesome piece I can put on straight, or wrap around my neck up to four times!

Princess Lea said...

That's what I have! I bought a 100 inch black strand that goes around and around and around and I can only wear it with a couple of getups.

I just bought one in white that turns out not to be a good length (just too short enough not to go around another time). Since I got if from China, returning it doesn't seem viable. Blah.