Friday, December 20, 2013

Clear that Clog

There is much frustration when a clogged sink will refuse to be accommodating.  

My bathroom sink hasn't been very cooperative. I had purchased "healthy" drain cleaners, which only seemed to compound the problem. If driven to desperation, I will use bleach, but remain in terror of it corroding clean through the pipes.

After a little searching, I came across the drain snake.
I purchased one for $4 at my local hardware store (available for less at a larger chain), and, brandishing my weapon, launched to battle.  

It wasn't pretty. I saw things I never wanted to know existed down my drain. But afterward, no lingering liquid remained in my sink, simply scurrying down to the mysterious yonder with a satisfying "glurp."

I chucked the now grimy drain snake, which was cheaper than the many used up bottles that had claimed to be drain cleaner. In a matter of minutes, my sink was hospitable again, without fumes or chemicals.  

Months later, it is still behaving itself. 


Sporadic Intelligence said...

These doo-dads are awesome. But really your words for describing what comes out was very mild.

matted hair,long strands, longer than your hair ever was, (must have evolved and mutated in the pipe) thickened with globs of dirtied soap that never dissolved mixed with odd black clumps that seem to crumble to the touch...that's what I found when I used time I made my husband do it.

Princess Lea said...

You describe it perfectly. I just stuck with "I saw things I never wanted to know existed down my drain." Shiver.