Monday, December 16, 2013

My Nighttime Routine

I reference my nighttime routine often, but I never have gone into detail what it involves. My bad. 

OK, it's 9 o'clock at night, and I head for the bathroom. After a thorough brushing, flossing, and mouthwashing: 

1) I shake Philosophy Just Release Me Dual-Phase Oil-Free Makeup Remover, dab some on a cotton round, and carefully take off the day's eye makeup.  (Yes, it is pricy, but after purchasing it during a Sephora sale I can't go back to my previous product. This takes everything off without any effort. None. No rubbing, no lash fallout, no tzipping, just bare eyes. Whatever one pays for in this one saves in really expensive eye cream since it minimizes rubbing, ergo wrinkling.)
2) I have no loyalty to facial cleansers, but I am currently using Alaffia African Black Soap Tangerine Citrus. After wetting my face, I rub a dollop in.
3) I work in the cleanser with my electric face brush. (My model has been apparently discontinued; it's only a matter of time before I plunge for the Clarisonic.) I utilize an electric face brush because I once I began using it, my usual blemishes hit the road.
4) Rinse face. I try to shoot for warm water, but I'm not going to run the sink endlessly. It's usually cold. 

5) Pat (not rub) face dry with a towel reserved for that purpose alone. 

6) AHA moisturizers! For the face, my current love is M2 Skin Technologies Skin Recovery Moisturizer. Oh, the alpha hydroxy acids! My skin tolerates it well since I have been throwing such stuff at it for years; but even then I blend it with Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for extra moisturizing and to take away any "sting." Moisturizing is important even for oily skin types—mine is combination. I slather it on to my face and neck.
7) The eye area could use a little extra love; many advocate the application of a serum as well as a cream. I tap on the entire eye area (including the lid) with my ring finger (the weakest of all the fingers, so it does not tug the skin) in an outward motion (to draw pooling blood away from my dark circles) Reviva Labs Firming Eye Serum, topped by Derma E Hydrating Eye Cream with Hyaluronic and Pycnogenol
8) My lips are dabbed with a lip balm of sorts. I'm not crazy about it, but I tend not to throw away anything, so I am currently applying Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve. I don't like it because it is made from the same pore-clogging petroleum grease as Vaseline. I try to make sure it doesn't stray onto my skin at all. 

Shea butter works pretty well as a lip balm. I'm probably going to stick with that next.

9) I moisten a q-tip with castor oil and run it over my lashes, as expounded on before. It nourishes the lashes and removes any residual makeup.
*Every once in a while, I preface this regimen with a face-steaming. The Conair Facial Sauna System that's still around. I've probably had for ten years. 

I am never one to advocate all or nothing; for those who have no regimen at all, do not be discouraged. Just adding one step can make a big difference. 

Washing the face is of paramount importance, no brush needed. Cetaphil can also be dabbed on the eye area, which always thirsts for moisture. As for easy-access products, Olay's anti-aging line is always highly praised and recommended. 

Try to buy products that come in tubes or pumps as opposed to tubs, since dipping in germy fingers contaminates the product.

But for any results to be seen, regular, specifically nightly, activity is needed; five minutes before bed (as opposed to my ten to fifteen), and then "someone" will be looking quite gaw-geous when she turns 50 (or even 60. Dare I say 70?).   


rar said...

Now I want to see a picture of your face, just to see the benefits of this whole routine.

Princess Lea said...

Nice try. But, to provide a visual, a neighbor recently called with a shidduch and was shocked that I'm not 24 (as opposed to 28).

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Shelo asani isha,Shelo asani isha, Shelo asani isha, Shelo asani isha...

Princess Lea said...

Sweetness, you aren't off the hook just because you're male. Do you put on SPF every day?

Anonymous said...

Is vaseline really so bad as a moisturizer? I don't slather it all over my face, just gently rub it over the driest areas. It's the only moisturizer that really seems to work in those spots and has never caused me any breakouts.

Princess Lea said...

If using the brand-name Vaseline, and onto freshly cleansed skin, maybe it isn't so terrible. But there are other options that are delicious on dry skin that can safely be absorbed by the body. I LOVE Shea butter and coconut oil. Other options are Vitamin E oil and beeswax.

Anonymous said...

I tried electric brush once (I love the concept) but it was a total disaster. My skin was red and painful after the first use. I tried to persevere for a few more days but it didn't help ... I wonder if it's the brand you are using that makes the difference or is it is just because it is not for all skin types.

Princess Lea said...

Brand quality can make a difference. Yet it may not be ideal for all skin types to begin with. Is your skin sensitive in general?

My skin has been battered with AHA and BHA and retinol and retinoids so nothing really scares it anymore. I use the face brush only at night, about five times a week.

If your skin has a bad reaction to it, hold off. There are gentler options. Like this little doohickey: