Friday, June 13, 2014

"I Love Your _______"

I was in the supermarket, idly screening the selection of butter with the faint hope there would be one claiming to be goat-issue and organic. 

It had been a longish day, there is always dating tension, my basket hung heavily on my arm. I wasn't in a bad mood, really, but I could have been more chipper. 

A woman walked by in a cheerful red sundress, white wires dangling from her ears, flip-flops thwacking. Without breaking her stride, she flashed me a big grin and said, "I love your shoes!" 

Broken from my revery, I managed to stammer in reply, "Thanks!" She then disappeared down the ice cream aisle. I turned back to my dairy analyzation, but I found myself standing straighter. My chest felt lighter. I think I may have even been smiling to myself. 

I left the store with my head held high, humming a tune under my breath. I then realized what was going on. 

You are kidding me, I thought. A complete stranger makes a casual compliment about my footwear, and that's it? I'm good to go? 

It made me think of the other way, how an early mean-spirited comment can totally ruin my day. I'm a morning person; when I first wake up (close to dawn) it's as good as it's gonna get. To have that buoyancy compromised, with a few words, is a feat of language. 

Choose your words wisely.

I have to compliment more.   


aminspiration said...

I always see people on the train and i want to compliment them but im always scared that people will take it the wrong never know how people will respond When im outta town i always compliment makes their day

Princess Lea said...

New Yorkers certainly have the happy talent for willful misunderstanding. Just walk on by, walk on by.

I'm trying compliments now, slowly but surely. I'll get the hang of it one day.