Friday, November 7, 2014


"Can I have your information?" 

Sure, sure. 

"And a picture?" 

Yes, I gave up the picture fight many years ago. 

"More than one picture?" 

Teeth somewhat gritted now.

"First let me pass this on this profile, and I'll get back to you."

Peaceful silence for a week. Then a text: 

"Hi, when would be a good time for me to call?" 

Come say what now? 

Pray tell, good sir, who are you?

In matters such as these, it is best to unleash the Tatty. Shadchanim are usually very fearful of the Tatty. 

"Oh, of course she has a right to see his information!" she conceded. 

No, really

I hate games. 


aminspiration said...

Oh, its gets better. I was studying for a final and a number i didnt recognize came up. I foolishly answered. a guy i never met or heard of was on the other end wanting to chat. I tried getting out of him who gave him my number..and all he said was " a woman in shul on shabbat"..and thats it..i told him dude im busy with finals i will get back to him...and then he wants to know when cut a long story short my dad called him and told him in no way was he to call me again without going through the proper channels. And was was he thinking...and basically gave it to him...thank you Dad!

Princess Lea said...

No. Way. That is NUTS.

Fathers are fabulous when it comes to shidduch messes. Shadchan won't stop bothering you? Invoke the Papa. They back off. I've never had to implement him with a random stranger calling me, thank goodness!