Monday, November 17, 2014

Homeward Bound

"Why do you live at home?" my date suddenly asked, abruptly changing the topic. 

I blink. He obviously does not know my bank account balance.

And he says this right after telling me the headaches his deadbeat roommate gives him. 

I have been attacked by people for not relocating to the various Singlevilles that dot this grand city, or have been begged never to do it. Once, a woman asked me why I don't live there, and her husband quickly invoked, "Heaven forfend!" 

I'm not exactly sure why I have to explain myself. It seems rather obvious to me. 

"Why do you still live at home?" my boss snorted. 

"I'm hoarding my money." 

"For what?" he scoffed. 

"To buy a house, Jack." 

Well, that shut him up.
There are other perks, I must admit. Most nights I am greeted by savory aromas traveling down the driveway (did I mention my mother is a fantastic cook?) and I don't have to worry about bills. I'm also not the type to deal with like-aged roommates; I would probably end up the naive idiot who is hoodwinked into taking care of all the unpleasant things that apartment renting involve. Then there is my sacrosanct bedtime which few are respectful of, and the fact that as the lone cheese I have a private bathroom. My parents and I get along great (apparently, that is not a cool thing to say nowadays, but I never went for trends) and we share the same television interests. 

Did I mention I'm hoarding my money?

There was a woman written up in the NY Times right after the economy went kablooey; while all of her friends were getting mortgages or subsisting on credit, she lived with her mother, a choice which most of the world scoffed at. Now, while they are getting foreclosed upon, she has money (not "Monopoly" paper) to buy her own home, outright. 

Not everyone can live at home, true. But I can. So I will, pal. Without apologizing for it.


tesyaa said...

I thought in the frum world you're supposed to live at home until marriage, and it's looked down on if you move to your own place. Am I missing something.

Anonymous said...

Wise. I'm in the same boat. It's not like on the secular world where I'd be trying to bring home my various "conquests" to spend the night. Without that, any shouldn't I live at home? I get to save my money, and take advantage of some superb home cooking. And I help out at home, and"ll even do cooking myself sometimes. It's a win win.

Môrgan Gavriel Abrahams said...

If I could have, I would have moved in with my dad after college. My dad and I get along great, and he would have liked the companionship (he never remarried after my mom). I still would like for him to move in with me and my fiance after we get a house together. People put to much stock into living alone, living alone sucks.

Sun inside Rain said...

Could have written every word of this post. There was one time I was considering moving out and when I mentioned it to my mom she was nearly in tears at the thought. So there's that too :-).

Single on the Scene said...

Agree with everything u wrote. (The good cooking must be a 'Heimishe' thing). Plus what's the point of moving to the NY singlesville aka 'the Underground' when no one knows U exist below street level and its soo lonely. Just a tiny little you in a large loud city. Go for awesome parents!!

Princess Lea said...

tesyaa: Big world, the frum world. Everyone has an opinion.

Prof: And I do all the einikel duty, so I'm a keeper!

Morgan: Multi-generational homes are back! Everywhere else on earth they are very much in practice, but Americans put too much store in so-called "independence," methinks.

Sun: Nothing like familial security.

SotS: No one can hear you scream, that's for sure. I like witnesses about.