Friday, June 1, 2018

Banana Oat Cookies

Of the fruits, bananas are my nemesis. 

There is a small window when a banana is perfect. It is not wholly yellow—it is brushed with a delicate hue of green. It's sweetness is just beginning to shine through, prior to the mushy blah of over-ripeness. And it cannot bear any brown on the peel. At all. 

I can never get the banana supply right. Either I buy too many—and watch in despair as they fade into brown-spotted neglect—or to spare myself the heartbreak, decree a temporary ban on bananas. When I succumb to purchasing them again, inevitably there is the hideous banana: too soft, too sweet, too brown.

But it's not its fault! Why should it be cast into the garbage when still edible? I cannot bear it!

While I will only consume bananas in their original state, Han is more adventurous of palate. So I searched and alighted upon this ideal recipe from Ambitious Kitchen.   
I added craisins and vanilla extract to mine. Han ate them happily. 

Another banana, saved!

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