Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fave Recipes III

I asked Han early on what sort of chicken he likes, and he said maple bourbon, although he's not crazy about maple syrup in the first place. What he did not realize is that honey is a perfectly acceptable swap in most recipes. 

I have to say that it tastes better with chicken legs, but it needs much longer simmering, 90 minutes, say.
My nephew referred to it as "sick." He meant that in a good way. 
I first tasted this by a Shabbos meal that was not during Pesach.
After I hounded my hostess for the recipe, I tweaked it: 4 eggs instead of 3, then omitting the mayo; oat bran instead of potato starch; no onion soup mix; 3 garlic cloves along with a dusting of powder. Quite yummy, indeed.
I have family members who are gluten-free, and currently so am I. I don't like recipes made from gluten-free flour blends, as the starches are so simple they are akin to sugar. Luckily, God provided a gluten-free grain: Oats are wonderfully filling and nutritious.
These cookies can be made with almond butter instead of peanut (I'm not a peanut fan) and I used palm shortening instead of coconut oil (I'm not a coconut fan either). Eewok gave them a thumbs up, as did Han. 

It doesn't clarify this on the recipe, but they won't flatten out of their own accord. If you shape them into balls, they stay balls. I bought a cookie scoop a few months ago, and it is a great toy to have (as is this size for muffins). 

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