Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage

I just had to gush about the new member of my makeup family: I introduce Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage.

It has the matte consistency that, until now, I thought was only available in Mac. But Mac doesn't have many vibrant pinks in Matte; they tend to be very tame. 

I love the tube, that it is tall and thin. It provides accuracy with applying, meaning I don't need a lip brush. Carthage is a color more appropriate for the summer than winter, so I am having fun with it now.


Premonitions of an Afterthought said...

oooooooooh! so nice- and you have guts my friend! i stick to nude shades with my lipstick because i have thin lips- and i feel a bolder hue Highlights it too much + i think it makes my teeth look yellower? + there's a basic makeup rule i follow: either play up your lips OR your eyes- never both or you'll risk looking like either a clown or a woman of ill repute. since i have lovely eyes (if i must say so myself) and my lips are nothing special- i choose to play up my eyes.

Princess Lea said...

I go for overkill; lips, eyes, cheeks, the whole shmear. Bright colors actually make teeth look whiter, not yellower.

Of course, it is an individual preference, but even those with thin lips can try some over the top color.

dee said...

I love pinks! they look good on most everyone. poaa, if you think your lipstick is making your teeth look yellow, it could be because your using a color with yellow/orange undertones. try one with more blue in it, that usually brightens teeth.
personally i think my lips are too big for bright pinks, and i also like to play up my eyes, but laura mercier makes some really nice pinks, that are light and playfull for summer (and prob will work well into fall as well) but arent too pink. go into sephora and ask for recomendations. but make sure you ask for samples before you by anything, that way you can try the colors in your real life before purchasing.

Princess Lea said...

Lips too big for bright pinks? Madness! No such thing!