Friday, July 15, 2011

Who Asked You?

With place card in hand, I attempted to locate my table at the bustling wedding. There was already a middle-aged woman seated. 

We exchanged pleasantries as I approached the table. 



"Nice to meet you."


"I don't know any single boys, but try her over there."

I had been in the process of sitting down, and I froze in mid-air. 

Beg pardon?  

Did I say something? I've already forgotten your name, lady, and yet you are happy to inform me that I am chalishing for your non-existent shidduch services? 

One of the annoyances with the current state of things are that anyone who wants to feel important simply starts saying things like "shidduch." 

Never mind if they have actually made a shidduch, but they know that they can say and do whatever they want, providing they drop words like "redt." 

But I will not be dragged down. I will keep my dignity, dammit. 

I slowly complete the descent, smiling coolly, and focus my attentions on the fish.


%Shocked% said...

Wow... Now THAT's a crazy story!! If I didn't know better, I'd say you made that story up, but it's just a bit too insane for anyone to come up with that without having experience it. Kudos for not blowing your top! I can't imagine what my reaction would have been.

Princess Lea said...

It was too good a fish to throw in her face.

PremonitionsofAnAfterthought said...

Reminds me of a story that happened to me when I was single: I accompanied my mother to the kosher gym for the first timer ever (guest pass maybe?) and so, as is polite in most societies- when her gym buddies came over my mother introduced me. Well, one very "wise" woman said. "No need to introduce me to your daughter. She's WAY too tall for my son." PARDON!? As if I'm remotely interested in your son? Lady, get off your high horse. We aren't ALL fawning for your dearest Chaim Yankel Tzvi. (and as a side note- her son married a dear friend of mine- who is WAY more yeshivish than me.....believe me we didn't even know this guy existed!)

Princess Lea said...

Oh, yeah, I know the swollen-headed mother well. They are so sure that I'm going to chase down their golden boy that they quickly set me up with a real loser to "throw me off the scent." Sheesh.

Yedid Nefesh said...

oh wow! crazy story, These people really exist?? dont you wonder what the heck their lives are about for sinking so low?

Princess Lea said...

I know, right?

Mike Lepo said...

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