Friday, July 22, 2011

Shabbos Face: Indestructible Eyeliner

Having taken care of the initial layer of face by priming and foundation-ing, time to move onto the eyes. 

I start with eyelining first since it is easier to fix any errant traces before eyeshadow is applied.

In order to make powder eyeliner last a really long time (and, my, does it last) I invested in Make Up For Ever Eye Seal. I have discovered that it works best with loose powder, rather than pressed, and the previously mentioned Bare Escentuals Liner Shadow is a great match with it. 

Shake or tap a very small amount of liner powder out of the holder into a plastic disposable, like a plastic cup or plate. Drip a drop of the seal onto the liner powder, and quickly mix together with the liner brush, creating a richly colored liquid. Then line the lower eye-lid (not the waterline).
A dampened q-tip can fix any boo-boos. 

The seal, after it dries, makes the brush bristles rock hard. Before I line, I take a cup (plastic or otherwise; my choice is the enamel cup I use for my paintbrushes) add a little water and soap. I let it soak over Shabbos. Then it's good as new. (Whenever drying brush bristles, run the towel in the direction of the bristles, not against.)

When I use this seal, it won't even wash off on Motzei Shabbos. I have to moisten a q-tip in oil or makeup remover to get it off. I started instead to use it for the two- or three-day yom tov, and man, it lasts all three days. No kidding.


Elisheva said...

I always apply eyeshadow first because otherwise the liner won't look as crisp when there is colored eyeshadow all over it. Although your reasoning for applying eyeliner first makes sense as well (to fix any mistakes before putting on eyeshadow). Hmm...I wonder what most people do.

Princess Lea said...

I used to apply eyeliner last, but since my hand isn't the steadiest it can end up on my eyeshadow with no way to get it off.

It was actually a big moment when I realized I should apply is first.

But I don't apply eyeshadow over liner on my lower lash line. I have serious dark circles so I want to keep the lower area with as little cosmetics there as possible (except for concealer).

dee said...

I have resisted until now, since noone else said it, (and i mentioned it in another post under anonymous) but how can you talk about eyeliner staying on without mentioning Tarte amazonian clay. you dont need any other sealants. It starts off not wet like liquid, but moist, goes on super balck 9or whatever color you use, they have great color saturation) it sets pretty quickly, and once it sets, it is not going ANYWHERE. i put it on erev shabbos, and even with sleeping, napping, rubbing my eyes... it stays PERFECT through motzei shabbos. its moist enough on application that you can fix smudges or make it smoky, but you can also get a really nice crisp line that you would with liquid, if you so choose. and then you dont have to worry about it. seriously, you do not need to bother with sealants and whatnot.
i usually put liner on after shadow, but not if i am going for a more blended or smoky look. then i use a soft pencil liner first, and shadow on top.

Princess Lea said...

I have actually never tried the Tarte eyeliner, and I really want to based on your recommendation, but I have so many other eyeliners to use up first! I would mention it however I don't want to recommend something that I have never personally tried.

But based on your enthusiasm, I think I'll just buy it already.


dee said...


you wont be disappointed