Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Battle of the Bulge: Bulge OK?

I missed this episode of Dr. Oz, but I read a synopsis of it here.

Since I carry an absolute terror of "gym" exercise and an absolute love of carbs, Dr. Glenn Gaesser is my hero. 

He recently came out with a book called Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your Weight and Your Health. (I have not read it). 

The points mentioned on the show that are of interest to me: 

(1) If one has healthy eating habits and exercises regularly, he will be healthy despite his weight. There is a current belief that health can be determined by weight, but that is not so; one can be unhealthy and skinny, and healthy and heavy. 

- I moderately exercise (daily walks to the train, the occasional recreational stroll) and I eat healthy foods while being aware of serving sizes. I feel good. Since I avoid doctors I cannot say if my gut feeling (no pun intended) corresponds to reality, but I am abiding by Dr. Gaesser's theory. 

(2) Exercise cannot help one lose weight. Exercise can help one maintain weight, but not necessarily lose. If exercise alone is implemented to lose weight, one will actually gain rather than lose. Exercise is more necessary for health rather than weight.

- I have noticed that of the many who I know regulalry go to the gym, only a few are actually skinny. The others are heavy. I don't remotely exert myself as much as they do, yet by adding various steps to how I much I eat I have lost weight, not by exercise. 

One girl I know went to a sadistic trainer, and came home so broken and self-pitying that she hit the fridge. Many think that exercise magically evaporates all calories, but that is not so. Fatty foods are not neutralized by one outing to the gym. To lose weight, one has to take the type and quantity of foods into consideration, but not as a stunty diet; as a life change. 

(3) Carbs are not the devil's invention. 

- I pretty much consume mostly carbs. They are whole wheat, although Dr. Gaesser says that two servings refined white flour and three servings whole wheat is ideal. My system isn't happy with white flour, so I prefer the whole wheat. I have not seen carbs to negatively impact my weight control. 

My day begins with carefully measured out cereal, midday is often whole wheat pita or pasta (also calculated servings). Potatoes, brown rice, crackers, and so forth, are all my beloveds. And I've been maintaining my current weight successfully for ten months.  

I feel so free! 


aminspiration said...

I have to disagree with the exercise thing..because it definitely worked for me..just saying.

Princess Lea said...

Of course one can't generalize (despite the fact I was totally doing that).

I'm curious as to what worked for you - if you don't want to give me the gory details, I understand, I am being incredibly intrusive - you started an exercise program and you were able to lose weight? Nothing was altered in terms of eating habits?

aminspiration said...

i was working out almost three hours a day which included was a bit insane.

I did alter my eating, but only slightly..i still enjoyed all the foods that i loved. I just took it back a notch, thats all.

Princess Lea said...

Taking it back a notch, I find, does A LOT. It's amazing how one little step can make such a big difference!

Princess Lea said...

Of course, working out three hours a day is gonna do something amazing too!

aminspiration said...

but i was mostly eating anything and everything long as i was working out it was fine...

Princess Lea said...

There goes my generalities. :)