Friday, December 16, 2011

Calling All Makeup Geeks!

My cousin Chava recommended Makeup Geek to me, a very helpful tip. MUG has a variety of tutorials which have sent me scrambling over the internet and Sephora, with fabulous results. 

A lot of what I have passed on in my eye makeup posts I learned from her. 

I became enamored with this look that she demonstrates. 

I used Illamasqua eyeshadows in matte white, Feline for the lighter gray and instead of black, I used Incubus, the dark gray. For highlighter, MUFE eyeshadow. 

In order to play around with the look, I tried applying the ombre color change from bottom up, instead from inner-corner out; meaning, I applied the white in a thin line right above my lashes, with the light gray atop that and the dark gray in the crease. 

I find that white or highlight color right above the lash line makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. 

Check out her other tutorials! 

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