Monday, December 12, 2011

What Suits the Fruit?

I have previously mentioned the various fruity shapes we can come in. To begin with examples for accommodating attire, I am going to use cardigans. The descriptions below can be executed with hoodies, sweaters, vests, and so forth, but I shall use cardigans for visual imagery.

Cropped cardigans suit pears very well; consider pairing a short top to a very flary skirt. The skirt conceals the largeness of the . . . pear bottom while defining the waist, and the cardigan reveals the feminine form above.
The skirt should explode outward from the waistline, not fit and flare. That's not pear's friend.
See how the waist is defined? To compensate for that volume, a form-fitting top is needed, either tucked in or cropped. Nothing long (by long I mean longer than the waist) unless it's tucked in, because (a) the added fabric will then look bulky instead of neat and (b) if the waist isn't defined, then what's the point?

What of the apples?
The apples can wear fit-and-flare (also known as trumpet or mermaid), or pencil skirts, but obscuring the belly calls for careful selection. Cardigans can also do the job, but not too long either! Too long means the fabric adds volume to the derriere, where apples don't gain, and should, therefore, exploit. The belly is what has to be played down. 

This is a good length. I don't know what the term is, but not much longer than that. 
Then, an apple can look something like this:
One of the beauties of the female frame is the hourglassy shape (hopefully) absent in the male form, as sung about in South Pacific. Sometimes, of course, the mid-section should be swathed in long, baggy fabricduring pregnancy, for instance. 

But if you are not an incubator, show off your waist!


Fashion-isha said...

These are great basic pieces!

Princess Lea said...

It's all about knowing what one can and cannot wear.