Friday, December 2, 2011

Shabbos Face: Eyeshadow III

When color is done, a highlight shade should be applied beneath the brow bone (no color should have been applied there).
The highlight color should be a shade or two brighter than the skin tone. Make Up For Ever has a number of possibilities in Eggshell 3 (matte ivory) or Bisque 15 (matte ivory beige). I own one of these, but I can't tell which, because the color name has rubbed off. 

Another type of brush is also needed for this step, specifically a tapered blending brush. Not too large now.
I have a Mac-knockoff—bdellium Shading Blending Eye Brush #776. The bristles should be a little stiff to blend the highlight and color, leaving no harsh lines.
Take a little highlight color (not too much that excess will flake over the color) and, as MakeUp Geek would say, wind-shield wipe back and forth, back and forth, ensuring the color is blended together with the highlight.

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