Sunday, May 26, 2013

In Other News

My thanks to Pretzel for making me aware of this article—and why, pray tell, did they not seek me out, she who has an entire Shabbos Face section? And how people laughed when I said I use a straw on my soup on yontif—and whenever I drink on Shabbos too. But don't purse the lips; it may make the skin wrinkle.
At the moment I am too chicken to put hairspray on my face. There is Urban Decay's line of face-setting sprays, however. 

Also, the film that I have been giddy to see, "Fill the Void," is now in theaters in Manhattan. As an added perk, my favorite film critic, A. O. Scott, wrote a glowing review.  
What the film makes clear, with unfailing sensitivity and wry humor, is that for Shira and her family the ordinary arrangements of living are freighted with moral and spiritual significance. Their routines are dominated by prayer, ritual observance and obedience to Jewish law, but their world does not seem narrow and austere. On the contrary, it is at times almost unbearably full of feeling and significance . . . 
He calls the movie "thrilling"!
I have some familiarity with the chassidish community, and I am often frustrated how those looking in, even other observant Jews, allow prejudice to color their view. It is wonderful to finally have a depiction of their world by one of their own. 
I hope that for Rama Burshtein, this is the first of many.   


Lost and Found said...

Read your post on the straw on yom tov just now- my family would never go for that. I admit though, I did laugh.

I had read this article and was going to ask if you had read it and what your thoughts on it were. I have never seen a woman drinking soup with a straw. I need to get out more.

Regarding the movie, it looks really good. Hard to believe that Yiftach Klein is 41!

FrumGeek said...

I think this is a case of looks vs living. Sorry honey, but sipping your food through a straw, and not even pursing your lips, just to look slightly better? I think you're taking things WAY too far. And you expect to do this your whole life? Sounds like hell. I'd rather be ugly.

Princess Lea said...

L&F: Obviously I don't consume soup like that when dining out or when guests are over. I can manage without it on Shabbos, just on yontif I have to be a little more careful.

Klein is 41? Grooooooss. She wasn't even 20 when the movie was done!

FG: It's once a week, and I don't always have soup anyway since I'm more of a gefilte fish gal. Luckily, as a guy, you don't get the lip enhancing benefits of lipstick, so you are apparently already ugly. :P